The Codification of Artificial Reproduction.

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Strathmore University
Procreation in Africa is held with high esteem. Infertility therefore results to a great deal of humiliation, ridicule and in a worst-case scenario, physical and or emotional abuse. Surrogacy resultantly, is not a new phenomenon within the African customs. Traditional surrogacy was previously practice by women and men who wanted to salvage their name and that of their home. However, with the advancement in technology came about gestational surrogacy. Kenya is no exception. This study seeks to investigate the practice of surrogacy as it stands in Kenya. It as well intends to carry out a study on the South African practice of surrogacy; being a country where surrogacy seems to have a working regulatory framework; and attempt to compare and give a recommendation of a regulatory framework to govern this practice in Kenya.
This study seeks to address artificial reproduction, speaking specifically to surrogacy and In Vitro Fertilization in Kenya. Many countries shun this practice, some have embraced it, while others, like Kenya, have a somewhat friendly approach towards it. This chapter in particular provides an overview of the entire study. It begins with the background of the same, whose aim is to give insight on the topic. The statement of the problem thereafter provides a clear expression of the area of concern. There shall be a theoretical framework, which provides the perspective used in the study. The research methodology as well as the hypothesis and objectives shall be provided thereafter, and the chapter is concluded by a breakdown of the chapters of the study.