Effect of home education on reading motivation

Kuthimba, Elizabeth Nzisa
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Strathmore University
The purpose of this research was to investigate the effect that home education has on reading motivation of its pupils aged 8-11. Home educated children within the sample space were drawn from three Nairobi regions of one home educators’ network. The study utilized Wigfield’s motivated reader model whose Motivated Reader Questionnaire (MRQ) tool, assesses self-beliefs goals, and values, of readers to determine reading motivation. Reader self beliefs were measured by self-efficacy, work avoidance and challenge subscales. Reader values were measured by social, grades, compliance sub-scales. While reader achievement goals were measured by curiosity, involvement, recognition and competition sub-scales. Fifty three indicators of these 11 aspects of reading motivation were tested among emerging readers leading the study to the conclusion that home education has no effect on reader self-beliefs, goals and values. The study correlated home educated pupils on all the aspects of reading motivation on all the 53 indicators of MRQ using the Chi Square statistic. The study found that 3 of 53 indicators of reading motivation had a significant relationship with years spent in home education. The study also analysed the strength of relationship between years in home education and reading motivation and found the relationship to be moderately strong and lacking predictive capability. Girls had a stronger beliefs, goals and values on reading motivation than boys. The study confined its observations to the home education situation in Kenya. The study recommended reading motivation be addressed among budding readers within the age bracket. Recommendations concerned home educators, and parent-led interventions. The researcher anticipated interaction between Kenyan education policy makers and home educators with a view to improve basic education provision locally.
Thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Educational Management (MSc.EM) at Strathmore University
Home education, Reading motivation, Motivated Reader Questionnaire (MRQ)