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    • Vehicle exhaust emissions inspection system for roadworthiness enforcement 

      Mwenda, Reuben Kiogora (Strathmore University, 2017)
      Air pollution has been a growing concern as Kenya tries to industrialize. Increase in the number of vehicles and factories as well as constructions in Nairobi make this all the more critical. This polluted air has far ...
    • Vision based model for identification of adulterants in milk 

      Kobek, Jacklyne Atieno (Strathmore University, 2017)
      Milk adulteration is a social problem that exists in both developed and developing countries. This is due to lack of regulations or enforcement, proper refrigeration techniques, high yields with no market and hence the use ...
    • Wireless baby tracking system to curb child kidnapping 

      Mwangi, Caroline Muthoni (Strathmore University, 2017)
      Child kidnapping is common case, not only in Kenya but also all over the world. Infants are more vulnerable due to the fact that they are helpless and can easily be carried away without anyone noticing that something is ...