Evaluating the benefits and user experience of a customized java library for mobile applications menu systems

Maina, Joseph Mwangi
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Strathmore University
Despite rapid growth of mobile solutions, their novelty has meant relatively little is known about the user's experience and costs associated in developing custom mobile applications in today's market. The main problem this dissertation aimed to address is lack of custom made menu system for mobile applications in the current market which has contributed to the existence of mobile applications without good user experiences. Developers rely on current software development kits that allow creation of menu system statically which don't offer user personalization, its complex and inefficient for developers to create custom menus with current java libraries provided. The literature revealed that there are successful Java Libraries developed for improving user experience. but none has been done to improve user experience for mobile applications menu systems. This study sought to: (1) develop a customized Java library for mobile applications menu systems; (2) evaluate mobile user's experience on the customized library for mobile applications menu systems; and (3) determine the benefits and cost trade offs involved in providing customized library for mobile applications menu systems. One of the key contributions of this study is the improvement of user experience for emerging mobile applications using a customized library for menu systems which will allow the creation of mobile solutions with rich user experience as well as forming a basis on which other future studies could be developed. Another contribution is the provision of a java library that adds value to mobile applications community by allowing the development and implementation of customized mobile solutions. This study involved gathering data in Nairobi County only The initial findings reveal that customized menu application (Interface A) scored a higher mean compared to a mobile application which was not customized (Interface B) in menus of user's perception. It was evidenced that the overall user experience was likely to be satisfactory using customized menu application (Interface A) than using non-customized menu application (Interface B). Findings revealed that customized menu application was set up and launched in a simple manner at relatively low cost and effort. In addition, it was found out that the application can be successfully downloaded and executed on the device. The results show that the benefits outweighed the cost associated while providing a customized library. This study recommends that developers should make use of device emulators in mobile applications testing since they are easy to obtain and efficient in testing. In addition, a customized Java library for creating mobile applications custom menus is recommended and developed.
A Dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment for the requirements of Master of Science Degree in Mobile Telecommunications and Innovation (MSc. MTI)
Customized java library, Programming, Mobile application, Mobile, Software