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    • Using copulas to select prognostic genes in melanoma patients 

      Chaba, Linda; Odhiambo, John; Omolo, Bernard (Life science Global, 2017)
      Melanoma of the skin is the fifth and seventh most commonly diagnosed carcinoma in men and women, respectively, in the USA. So far, gene signatures prognostic for overall and distant metastasis-free survival, for example, ...
    • Using reflective questions : a feed forward process in peer support of teaching observation 

      Omingo Mary Odinga,
      It is essential that lecturers reflect on their teaching practice in order to enhance students learning. This can be facilitated through teaching observation where colleagues act as helpers, though some lecturers consider ...
    • Why do UK banks securitize? 

      Olukuru L. John,; Crosby , John; Cerrato, Mario; Choudhry, Moorad
      The eight years from 2000 to 2008 saw a rapid growth in the use of securitization by UK banks. We aim to identify the reasons that contributed to this rapid growth. The time period (2000 to 2010) covered by our study is ...