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    • Strathmore courier, Strathmore Remembered 

      University, Strathmore (Strathmore University, 1982)
      This collection of articles and photographs tells the story of Strathmore from its beginnings, with the images and in the words of some of those who lived it. It has not been possible to cover all aspects of the College's ...
    • Strathmore Courier, The inaugural issue exclusive 

      University, Strathmore (Strathmore University, 1995-08)
      The inaugural issue exclusive features interview with Micah Cheserem Governor of the Central Bank and past students of Strathmore College
    • Strathmore Courier, 1996 

      University, Strathmore (Strathmore University, 1996-08)
      Strathmore Courier 1996 gives among other things history of Strathmore College and Kianda College, an overview of some aspects of the college life and an interview with Mr. Ngarachu a past student and lecturer of the College ...
    • Strathmore Courier, Human Capital and Poverty 

      University, Strathmore (Strathmore University, 1997)
    • Strathmore Courier, Strathmore @ 40 years 

      University, Strathmore (Strathmore University, 2001-12)
      Strathmore College celebrates 40 years. In this issue, Charles Kanjama briefly and comprehensively puts together articles for the question, "what is Opus Dei?" and "what has it got to do with Strathmore?".The issue gives ...
    • Strathmore University Foundation 

      Strathmore, University (Strathmore University, 2004-05)
      Strathmore University Foundation is a non-profit corporation in support of Strathmore University projects and alumni in the United States and Kenya with highlights on {Book acquisitions to be launched, Public seminar in ...
    • SU Digest, Strathmore University in focus 2005 - 2006 

      Strathmore, University (Strathmore University, 2005)
      Strathmore 2005 - 2006 in focus gives highlights on message from the Vice Chancellor Prof. John Odhiambo, the Chancellors visit, Strathmore automation, Strathmore community outreach program and Strathmore university future ...
    • Jagi soars on the wings of success 

      University, Strathmore (Strathmore University, 2005-02)
      We lead with the story of Jagi Gakunju, the CEO AAR Health Services, Kenya.His is an inspiring story of a long journey that still continues.Our University features prominently in that journey, which is partly why we are ...
    • From Kianda to City Mayor 

      University, Strathmore (Strathmore University, 2005-10)
      This issues is special as its primary story is of a Kianda College alumnae, Her Worship the Mayor of Kisumu city, Mrs Prisca Auma Misachi as she foundly remembers her days in Kianda.
    • SU Digest, SU Quality recertified 

      Strathmore University (Strathmore University, 2007-04)
      SU Quality recertified,2006 annual ethics conference on Media and the common good,Appointments, student activities, teaching and learning
    • Strathmore University to be chartered soon.... 

      Strathmore, University (Strathmore University, 2007-10)
      SU to be chartered soon puts highlights on; alumni growing from strength to strength, Japanese language to fund language lab, Strathmore university ISO 9001:2000 QMS re-certified,EACM proposed, Prof.Michael Porter at SU, ...
    • SU goes wireless 

      Strathmore, University (Strathmore University, 2007-12)
      In SU goes wireless, top articles include - SU to lead Kenya universities in Celtel Africa challenge competition, Alumnus ordained deacon and finally top Brazilian coach holds soccer clinic in SU.
    • SU Digest, Strathmore University responds to humanitarian crisis 

      Strathmore, University (Strathmore University, 2008-02)
      SU Digest - Strathmore university responds to humanitarian crisis captures articles on: How Academic Management System was implemented at SU, SU lauded for organizing Microsoft conference, Research key to competitiveness ...
    • SU the university with the highest web presence in East Africa 

      Unknown author (Strathmore University, 2008-03)
      Covered articles in this issue; SU the university with the highest web presence in East Africa, proclaiming peace atop Mt.Kilimanjaro, the Overlooked factor, Prof. David Sperling and Dr. J McFie decorated by state, Model ...
    • Strathmore now a Chartered University 

      Strathmore, University (Strathmore University, 2008-06)
      In the Strathmore now a chartered university issues, articles captured include; Japanese handover language lab, School of Accountancy gets ACCA highest approval, Strathmore enterprise development centre launched and alumnus ...
    • No legacy is so rich as honesty, Pro-Chancellor reminds graduands 

      Strathmore, University (Strathmore University, 2008-10)
      No legacy is so rich as honesty, Pro-Chancellor reminds students, SU website most popular after media sites, Strathmore student loan scheme now operational
    • SU Digest, Ethics conference - an interaction between town and gown 

      Strathmore, University (Strathmore University, 2009)
      Ethics conference - an interaction between town and gown put highlights on Ethics conference at Strathmore University on 29/10/2009, Visit of web inventor at Strathmore -Sir. Timothy Berners-Lee,Su use of video conferencing ...
    • SU Digest January - February 2009 

      University, Strathmore (Strathmore University, 2009)
    • SU Digest, Transforming Africa through leadership 

      University, Strathmore (Strathmore University, 2009-04)
      Transforming Africa through Leadership - Open source software can grow Africa's ICTs capacity, ICE Dean makes investment proposals to Austrians, SU offering ACCA tuition in Tanzania and What it means to be a graduate of ...
    • SU Digest, SU Choir lauches its premier album in South Africa 

      University, Strathmore (Strathmore University, 2009-05)
      Within this issue is, Choir lauches its premier album in South Africa, "Share your ideas with us",MP asks scholars, all roads lead to Rome,thanks to UNIV, CISA and CISM pass rates improve every year, Student entrepreneurs ...