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    • Artificial neural network model for inflation forecasting in Kenya 

      Mwangi, Carolyn Naomi Wanja (Strathmore University, 2016)
      Forecasts are important in decision making and entail prediction of a future state of a particular subject of interest. These forecasts depend heavily on historical data and the assumption that the past behaviour of ...
    • Investigating keystroke dynamics as a two-factor biometric security 

      Njogholo, Brian Mwandau (Strathmore University, 2018)
      Keystroke dynamics is the study of how people can be distinguished based on their typing rhythms. This proposal aims at investigating user authentication approaches and how keystroke dynamics can be used to enhance user ...
    • Vision based model for identification of adulterants in milk 

      Kobek, Jacklyne Atieno (Strathmore University, 2017)
      Milk adulteration is a social problem that exists in both developed and developing countries. This is due to lack of regulations or enforcement, proper refrigeration techniques, high yields with no market and hence the use ...