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    • Difference between the gender perspective and the gender ideology 

      Miranda, Martha Dr.
      For more than a decade, the evolution of the word “gender” and its accompanying discourse have become increasingly important to intellectual debates and practice. the term was initially used in a grammatical arena to ...
    • Gender ideology proposals and its consequences 

      Miranda, Martha Dr.
      For more than a decade the evolution of the notion of the term “gender” has grown in importance, both in intellectual debate and in the realm of praxis. Initially,the expression “gender” was used within the field of grammar ...
    • Woman, nature & identity: insights from Ogolla, Stein & Escriva. 

      Gichure, Christine Prof.
      In this paper I look at woman, nature and identity from three different perspectives: that of a novelist, that of a woman philosopher and finally the explanation of the same from a spiritual leader. In the novel, "The ...