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    • Adaptation of a RAS pathway activation signature from FF to FFPE tissues in colorectal cancer 

      Omolo, Bernard; Yang, Mingli; Lo, Fang Yin; Schell, Michael J.; Austin, Sharon; Howard, Kellie; Madan, Anup; Yeatman, Timothy J. (Strathmore University, 2017)
      Background: The KRAS gene is mutated in about 40 % of colorectal cancer (CRC) cases, which has been clinically validated as a predictive mutational marker of intrinsic resistance to anti-EGFR inhibitor (EGFRi) therapy. ...
    • A Copula-based approach to differential gene expression analysis 

      Chaba, Linda Akoth (Strathmore University, 2006)
      Microarray technology has revolutionized genomic studies by enabling the study of differential expression of thousands of genes simultaneously. The main objective in microarray experiments is to identify a panel of genes ...
    • Using copulas to select prognostic genes in melanoma patients 

      Chaba, Linda; Odhiambo, John; Omolo, Bernard (Life science Global, 2017)
      Melanoma of the skin is the fifth and seventh most commonly diagnosed carcinoma in men and women, respectively, in the USA. So far, gene signatures prognostic for overall and distant metastasis-free survival, for example, ...