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    • A Survey of the State of Dataspaces 

      Ateya, Ismail Lukandu; Shibwabo, Bernard Kasamani; Wanyembi, Gregory Wabuke
      This paper presents a survey of the state of dataspaces . With dataspaces becoming the modern technique of systems integration, the ach ievement of complete dataspace development ...
    • Modelling dataspace entity association using set theorems 

      Shibwabo, Bernard Kasamani; Ateya, Ismail Lukandu; Wanyembi , Gregory
      The development of dataspace support systems is far from reality as individuals and enterprises are faced with the huge challenge of data management. Critical to this is the need to provide a model that represents the ...
    • Scalable dataspace construction 

      Shibwabo, Bernard K.; Wanyembi, Gregory N.; Ateya, Ismail L.; Omwenga, Vincent O. (Strathmore University, 2017)
      This paper proposes the design and implementation of scalable dataspaces based on efficient data structures. Dataspaces are often likely to exhibit a multidimensional structure due to the unpredictable neighbour relationship ...