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  • The Other side of the screen 

    Mututi, Sandra (Strathmore University, 2018)
    Discussion on types of social media inclusive of Social Networking Sites, Micro blogging, wiki, among others. It also includes subjects on the types of information shared, who shares the information, virtual identity and ...
  • Revenue diversification in public universities - a case of Kisii Universiity, Kenya 

    Ngenoh, Dorcas Chepkoech; Chepkwony, Shadrack (Strathmore University, 2018)
    In USA, pressure to maintain quality and competitive standing in the face of menacing resource constraints has become the primary challenge facing colleges and universities (Edwards, 2015).Universities are engaging in ...
  • The Curriculum for human development 

    Onyango, Chelsea Atieno (Strathmore University, 2018)
    What is wrong with curricula?Could character and values be the most important things to be learnt? Why curricula should be value-oriented and character-oriented;How will character and values eventually lead to better ...
  • The Contents and discontents of devolution: measuring the "devolution performance" of the counties of Kenya 

    Sperling, David (Strathmore University, 2018-05-23)
    The session addresses various aspects related to devolution in Kenya, giving examples of the substantive issues involved, in contrast to many superficial assessments that tend to appear in the media. After distinguishing ...
  • Decentralized energy solutions for East Africa and the role of research - Energy efficiency potential in the Kenyan tea processing sector 

    Izael, Da Silva; Karisa, Robert; Ronoh, Geoffrey; (Strathmore University, 2018-07-18)
    Tea is one of the largest contributors to the Kenyan economy, accounting for over 20% of the country’s export revenue, and yet over 60% is grown by small scale holders. Although the country is among the top global tea ...
  • SU Digest, SU Quality recertified 

    Strathmore University (Strathmore University, 2007-04)
    SU Quality recertified,2006 annual ethics conference on Media and the common good,Appointments, student activities, teaching and learning
  • Secure plugin for automated software updates using public key infrastructure for embedded systems 

    Malombe, Victor (Strathmore University, 2018)
    The aim of the research is to investigate how software updates are delivered and identify gaps and challenges in updating software in embedded systems, design and implement an automated PKI based updates plugin for embedded ...
  • Blended learning as a way of enhancing learning and redefining teaching roles - a case of strathmore university 

    Ondunga, Samuel Greg (Strathmore University, 2018)
    Blended Learning is a way of learning that combines online resources with in-person instruction to create a more personalized online environment thus enhancing Learning and redefining teaching roles
  • Intelligence traffic lights control system 

    Sogomo, Victor Kangogo (Strathmore University, 2018)
    Traffic congestions, accompanied by unpredicted emergencies and accidents are Transportation Inefficiencies thus need for a system to help control traffic flow
  • Distributed ledger technology - digitize academic certificates using blockchain to curb fraud 

    Otolo, Richard (Strathmore University, 2018)
    The universities’ role of issuing, storing and validating certificates is slow and expensive.Thus the project tries to find ways to digitize university academic certificates in an immutable, non-repudiable and easily ...
  • Integrated local IP multimedia sub-systems for home environment 

    Bauma, Moise (Strathmore University, 2018)
    The idea of this project is to design and to build a local IMS system that integrate GSM capabilities, like making calls, receiving call and Short Messages Services. This proposed system will have a local storage that will ...
  • Human exploits in cyber security 

    Owino, Michael Ogada; Koome, Ian; Oyuga, Victor (Strathmore University, 2018)
    Hackers build trust to gain access to information systems. It takes more time to build trust. Attack vectors –vishing, tailgating, pre-texting (making a situation happen so the victim initiates contact)
  • Employee time tracking system- enhancing operational efficiency in the work-place 

    Kimani, Mervyine (Strathmore University, 2018)
    The aim of this project is to facilitate employee monitoring in the workplace using bar-code technology to ensure accountability and eliminate the problem ghost workers.
  • A Mobile application for professional home maintanance services 

    Muoti, Joy (Strathmore University, 2018)
    There has been a shortage of professional service providers which is as a result of various factors including poor image of the industry, the youth prefer white collar jobs etc. Problems arising from lack of proper building ...
  • An Organ donation system beyond pair-wise matching 

    Baraiywo, Hillary (Strathmore University, 2018)
    On average 18 people die every day while awaiting an organ transplant in the U.S., and every 10 minutes, another name is added to the list of people waiting for a donation. In spite of the advances in medicine, the number ...
  • Towards high-impact community-based projects through data-driven monitoring 

    Ndirangu, Charles Muathe (Strathmore University, 2018-04)
    Impact driven community-based projects are poorly managed making some of them get off the main cause and thus are not geared towards community needs.The aim of the project is therefore to develop a web-based project progress ...
  • A Recommendation system for students career selection 

    Chantal, Anita (Strathmore University, 2018-10)
    Students enroll into higher learning institutions only to realize that they have chosen the wrong course to pursue, they lose on time and money. Selection of the wrong career means that there is a mismatch between the ...
  • SU Digest, Transforming Africa through leadership 

    University, Strathmore (Strathmore University, 2009-04)
    Transforming Africa through Leadership - Open source software can grow Africa's ICTs capacity, ICE Dean makes investment proposals to Austrians, SU offering ACCA tuition in Tanzania and What it means to be a graduate of ...
  • Su Digest, Celebrating our partners! 

    University, Strathmore (2010-06)
    Celebrating our partners! Chase bank, I & M Bank, EABL, Mzima Sacco, University of Dar-es-Salaam and a review of Dr.James McFie's published book-(High quality financial reporting)
  • Strathmore Courier, 1996 

    University, Strathmore (Strathmore University, 1996-08)
    Strathmore Courier 1996 gives among other things history of Strathmore College and Kianda College, an overview of some aspects of the college life and an interview with Mr. Ngarachu a past student and lecturer of the College ...