The Causal relation between art and its maker

Njoroge, Jotham
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Strathmore University
The aim of this paper is to show how art is a rich and valid source of anthropological, historical and social information. Human beings have produced works of art from time immemorial. Art is a constant in the history of humanity and it often gives us valuable insights into the nature, culture and worldview of the people who produced it. The main propositions in this paper are based on the causal relation between art and its maker, derived from the philosophical idea that every effect resembles its cause. I therefore wish to demonstrate the extent to which a work of art communicates the nature of its cause, the artist. Thus, by understanding a work of art from the point of view of how it comes to be, we can certainly acquire some insights into the human persons that produce them, thereby adding to our knowledge of anthropology and sociology.
2018 Conference paper presented at Strathmore University, Nairobi Kenya. Thematic area (Humanities and Social Sciences)
Anthropology, History, Art works, Sociology