A geographic information based parking management prototype: a case of Nairobi

Ogenche, Joan Rabera
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Strathmore University
The purpose of this research paper is to identify a solution to parking in Nairobi’s central business district having factored in all the spatial and non-spatial elements. The problem is that a new wave of people are flooding the city to live, work and do other activities and many arrive on four wheels thus creating massive headaches for city planners and drivers in reducing parking issues that cause street congestion and wastage of time in searching for parking spaces. The methodology that will be used to achieve the overall objective is the software development lifecycle. This involves sequential phases, with some overlap and splash back of activities between phases in development of the final product. A Geographic Information based parking management prototype that will factor in spatial and non-spatial data is the solution that is proposed herein to facilitate good quality secure parking in maintaining the vitality and viability of town centres in enabling retail and leisure uses to flourish. The output is a seamless mobile-web interface that will enable the county government as well as key players to access and monitor space availability which the users will be able to access from their mobile phones. Parking being a major use of land and the supply is frequently a factor that influences trip generation, the implications of this research is that all spaces available will be tapped into to strike a balance between encouraging new investments in the town centres and increasing parking spaces. The application created was able to reap parking space information from the map server which will greatly reduce the trial and error involved while in search of a parking space thus increasing a driver’s confidence, cutting down on the amount of parking time and the emotional stress associated with finding a parking space.
A Research Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Science in Information Technology
GIS, Parking management prototype, Parking