Strathmore Studies in Law is the primary law research output series of Strathmore University Press dedicated to providing original up to date and contextualised texts that make a substantial contribution to the discipline of law in Africa. All contributions in this series are rigourously peer reviewed major research monographs.

Series Editors
  • John Osogo Ambani
  • Dr Luis Franceschi
  • Dr Jennifer Gitahi
Assisted by
  • Francis Kariuki
  • Humphrey Sipalla

Recent Submissions

  • The Common Law, Judges' Law 

    Ojwang', Jackton B. (Strathmore University Press, 2014)
    Setting out from a background of scholarship evolved over a period of decades, I joined the High Court Bench in October 2003, with the enthusiasm to match the law as learnt, to the reality of dispute settlement. First ...
  • Ours by right 

    Kameri-Mbote, Patricia; Odote, Collins; Musembi, Celestine; Kamande, Wilson (Strathmore University Press, 2013)
    This is a pioneering study on a critical, yet infinitely complex subject, in the setting of legal and constitutional rights in an African country: the subject of property rights. If the property-rights label appears ...