A framework to enhance data quality in the banking sector in Kenya : case study of two banks in Kenya

Njau, Robinson Gakuo
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Strathmore University
This thesis explores data quality in the financial sector in Kenya and explores a structured method of improving data quality. The thesis gathers the statistics on the quality of data in the banking sector in Kenya and establishes the main causes of data inconsistencies. In addition, it designs a framework that will be used in the banking sector in Kenya to improve the quality of the existing data. Better quality data is important will allow banks to make better business decisions that will influence their growth positively. In developing this framework, the research looked at the different existing data quality enhancement frameworks and data quality practices in two banks in Kenya in order to create a tailored framework for the banking sector in Kenya. Lastly, the research validated the framework through the use of a focus group and Eppler and Wittig Criteria.
A research thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of science in Information Technology
Data quality, Banking, Banks, Kenya