A knowledgebase model for Islamic inheritance

Chebet, Mahmoud Halima
Orero, Joseph
Luvanda, Anthony
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The dotcom generation has dramatically amplified the pitch of information gathering as well as dissemination. However, not all areas are experiencing the same breeze of efficacy. For instance, in this thesis we looked at the section of Inheritance distribution among the heirs.Seeking an expert opinion on inheritance is as common and natural as death itself. The law is set by human beings who use a broad range of skills and experience to make it fair, justified and acceptable to the people it governs. Nevertheless, the future is unknown to all of us and as times change so do situations, hence the law setters update the law by adding or subtracting articles according to the direction of wave. Even so, some level of biasness is usually inevitable especially when a quick and serious decision has to be made. To err is human, plays a major role here. In case of inheritance, people will initially turn to references and citations which may be inconclusive. This then calls for rationality, something that is more often accompanied by mood changes and influences which eventually deter the authenticity of a sound verdict.
Neural Networks, knowledge Acquisition, Islamic Inheritance