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    • Effect of CD4+ T-Cells and CD8+ T-Cells on Psoriasis: a mathematical study 

      Datta, Abhirup; Kesh, Dipak Kumar; Roy, Priti Kumar (Strathmore University, 2015)
      Psoriasis is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease that is differentiated by repeated occurrences of raised scaly and red skin plaques. It is generated through several applications of drugs, strains, physical wounds ...
    • Renewable energy biodiesel: a mathematical approach from ecology to production 

      Roy, Priti Kumar; Chowdhury, Jahangir; Basir, Fahad Al (Strathmore University, 2015)
      Biodiesel is one of promising renewable energy source and used as an alternative of conventional hydrocarbon fuels. Jatropha curcas plant oil (JCPO) is the most cost effective sources of biodiesel. The plant can be cultivated ...