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    • Happiness through human work 

      Gichure, Christine Prof.
      In what follows, I analyze the nature of work as human action. From there I discuss the triple dimension of human perfectibility through man's operative powers: the intellect, will and affections or emotions. After that, ...
    • Introduction to Leonardo Polo's philosophical motivation 

      Branya, John
      The purpose of this article is to give a brief bird’s eye view of L. Polo highlighting the motivation and originality of his philosophy. We do not intend to assess how original he was and whether his claims are accurate ...
    • Philosophy: 'What Is It All About?' 

      Gichure, Christine Prof.
      The number of students enrolling for philosophy courses in our public universities is dwindling. Philosophy, the mother of all intellectual learning, is on the verge of being erased from Kenyan universities' curricula. From ...