E-Procurement Adoption Strategy in the Kenya Public Sector

Mohamed, Abdullahi Ahmed
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Strathmore University
E-procurement is continuously receiving interest from both public and private sectors. Analysts believe that adoption of e-procurement will lead to efficiency in the procurement process. The objective of this study was to establish e-procurement adoption strategy in the Kenya public sector. The study was conducted in government ministries within Nairobi County between November 2012 and January 2013. The study covered one e-procurement officer and one ICT officer from each of the sampled ministries totaling 42 respondents. This research adopted a descriptive design and it applies a quantitative and qualitative approach. The study was a purposive targeting the key informants; heads of procurement and ICT. The study established evidence to suggest that the Kenya public sector undertakes some forms of e-procurement because it is believed that certain cost reductions and benefits will arise. Results from the study also revealed that all the ministries have an e-procurement strategy in place, most of which are in the implementation stage- basically ‗‗wait and see‘‘ strategy. Further results indicated that 25.93% of the respondents strongly agreed that the strategies that are in place are adequate for the implementation of e- procurement within ministries, with a majority 55.56% of the respondents agreeing. This study could have implications within other organisations considering adopting e-procurement. This study recommends areas of further research to include study on other government agencies on and their levels of e-procurement adoption, a comparative study on the public sector and private sector on the adoption of e-procurement.
A Research Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree of Master of Commerce
e-procurement, procurement, Kenya public sector