A Blockchain-based distributed hybrid system for tracking power distribution in electrical power systems

Kimiti, Raphael Leikari
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Strathmore University
Power distribution systems carry power the last few miles from transmission or sub-transmission to consumers through wires either on poles or underground. These systems encounter perpetual issues of power losses, and they have little or no real-time monitoring of power flow. These challenges represent a significant challenge of electricity use. The aim of this research is to develop a blockchain-based distributed hybrid system for real-time tracking of power distribution in electrical power systems. The study devised a solution that can aid in power re-routing to end-users in the distribution grid in case of transformer failure. The solution consists of a blockchain-based platform to help re-route power in the cases of any power outage and blackout and relaying the relevant information regarding the cause of the disturbance to the utility center in real-time. The rapid application development methodology was used for this study because it offers a quick and flexible way to discover and validate the idea and facilitates easy incorporation of changes to the prototype. The results of this study show that continuous power availability to end-users is achieved through the application that has been developed using blockchain. The proposed solution can enable industries, residences, and other end-users to benefit from having reliable and uninterrupted power flow. In conclusion, it is expected that the proposed solution will improve grid access which in turn can eliminate unpredictable outages. By using the proposed solution, power distribution companies can easily monitor the grid and have quality supplies to end-users.
A Thesis Submitted to the School of Computing and Engineering Sciences in Partial Fulfilment for the Requirement of the Degree of Master of Science in Information Technology of Strathmore University
Distribution, Blockchain, Power, Transmission