Malnutrition management mobile application

Suleh, Gerald Odhiambo
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Strathmore University
It has been observed that most people living within urban areas have unhealthy diets and are at higher risk of developing health complications related to malnutrition as a result; particularly amongst children in low income earning families who have limited access to health services that help identify and manage said complications. Malnutrition refers to deficiencies, excesses, or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy and nutrients resulting from eating a diet in which one or more nutrients are either in excess or minimal amounts thus affecting the overall health of an individual. It is a universal issue holding back human development with millions of children worldwide being affected by stunting, wasting and even obesity. The aim is to develop a mobile application that enables health workers to manage malnutrition within low-income urban communities by providing a simple, step-by-step guidance to help them assess, treat or refer individuals suffering from malnutrition as well as to aid in educating the public on malnutrition and nutrition practices. The system was developed using an object-oriented approach through the dynamic system development methodology. It was developed using the android studio development environment and firebase technology for the database. Java will be the main programming language with HTML 5 and CSS for the mark-up and styling respectively
An Information system project 2 proposal submitted to the School of Computing and Engineering Science in Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Technology of Strathmore University
Malnutrition management, Mobile application, unhealthy diets