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Strathmore University
The idea of developing the sports sector is not foreign to most if not all countries. Sports governance is one of the main approaches taken to facilitate sports development. Good sports governance is highly influenced by the proper application of the corporate governance principles. In this regard, taking advantage of South Africa being one of the leading sporting countries in the continent, the study aims to use a comparative analysis to elaborate on the mechanisms of sports governance in both countries while seeking for the areas Kenya needs to improve on.
Sports has proven to be an integral component of socio-economic development of several Sub-Saharan nations, developed and developing. 1 Today, globalization has resulted in the vast spread of public appreciation and value for sports as a source of social unity, cultural preservation and exchange, health benefits and economic activity. The visible integration of western culture was partially delivered through sporting activity because of its popularity, with its value being in its ability to unite diverse social and cultural groups together. 2 Kenya and South Africa come from similar socio-historical backgrounds regarding colonialism and informal education. 3 In addition, sports have played a significant role in dealing with ethnic oppression, utilized to minimize the negative effects of the political, economic, and cultural process of dependency in both countries.