An examination of the Kenyan regulatory framework in promoting tbtf in relation to bank mergers

Ngugi, SamuelTheuri
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Strathmore University
Kenya’s banking industry has witnessed a surge in mergers over the past decade as globalization continues to soar. The appetite for growth by financial institutions is expected to rise due to positive trade environment providing wider market access and potential revenue streams. In late 2020 and 2021 alone, the African Continental Free Trade Agreement was partly operationalized, Kenya signed a Kenya - UK Free Trade Agreement and is negotiating a trade agreement with the USA.
The primary purpose of finance is to facilitate productive economic activity. 1 Consequently, various types of financial institutions have emerged over the years to provide financial services including deposit- taking, credit provision, investment among others. 2 Banks are considered the oldest and most common category of financial institutions and may categorized into retail banks, commercial or corporate banks and investment banks. 3