Regulatory perspectives on integrated reporting in an emerging market : the case of listed companies in Kenya

Injeni, Geoffrey Ikavulu
McFie, James Boyd
Mangena, Musa
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African Journal Accounting, Auditing and Finance
Based on agency and stakeholder theories, we review the regulatory framework that supports integrated reporting by listed companies in Kenya and utilise semi-structured interviews to obtain and evaluate the views of regulators about current reporting requirements and integrated reporting. We find that regulation is nebulous due to overlaps and multiple reporting requirements. Other than the Kenya Capital Markets Authority's corporate governance code, there is little legal and professional support for the adoption of integrated reporting. Even though regulators think the adoption of integrated reporting will enhance transparency in current reporting practices, they are sceptical about harmonising and addressing the regulatory challenges. This paper adds to the growing literature on stakeholders' views on integrated reporting from an emerging market context faced by weak regulatory enforcement mechanisms. The findings are useful to regulators and policy-makers in highlighting the challenges faced in the adoption of a new reporting dispensation, like integrated reporting
corporate regulation, integrated reporting, international financial reporting standards, IFRSs, corporate governance reporting, sustainability reporting, Kenya
Injeni, G., McFie, J. B., & Mangena, M. (2019). Regulatory perspectives on integrated reporting in an emerging market: The case of listed companies in Kenya. African Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, 6(4), 295317.