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    • Exploring the influence of reward practices on organisational culture: a comparative study of selected NGOs in South Sudan 

      Crompton, Emma (Strathmore University, 2019)
      The overall research purpose was to explore the influence of reward practices on organisational culture at selected INGOs in South Sudan. The case study organisations were two INGOs operating in South Sudan providing ...
    • Fatherhood among the Maasai 

      Obeja, Roderick (2015-09-07)
      Papa and yieyo are Maasai words for father and mother respectively. A father is the family head, protector, provider, main decision maker among the Maasai. The Maasai, a traditionally nomadic pastoral tribe in Kenya and ...
    • Religion and society 

      Sperling, David; Obudho, R.A.; Hoorweg, Jan; Foeken, Dick
      The peoples of the Kenya Coast follow a variety of religious traditions. Whereas Islam has been present in the region for centuries, the beginning of Christianity in modern times only goes back some 150 years. African ...